Thumbprint Realty prides itself on being the MOST TRUSTED Real Estate brokerage in state of Massachusetts. In its short tenure, Thumbprint Realty was recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for their commitment to being a progressive community partner and building a strong presence in the community. One of the mantras of this brokerage is… ” I know your home because I know your neighborhood.” By being located in the heart of Boston’s local community, Thumbprint Realty has been able to live up to its promise by educating, inspiring and serving the community.


We have verified & genuine Real Estate Agents for all your property requirements in Boston. Browse list of our agents  and find property listings of Apartments, Flats etc.

the thumbprint

A thumbprint is a unique identifier that makes you, YOU. Because we recognize that each of our clients are unique, naturally all transactions are different.

thumbprint cares inc.

Thumbprint Cares Inc. is a non-profit, community based home ownership organization. Our goal is to educate, empower and build strong communities through our workshops, partnerships and events